Best Epoxy Resin for Art

Best Epoxy Resin for Art and craft

Many times, you must have seen beautiful and expressive crystalline paintings adorning ceilings and countertops and wondered, ‘What are these products and how are they used?’ Epoxy Resins are presently a top-rated product in markets worldwide, primarily because of their growing usage in small businesses. These shiny, crystalline pigments are synthetic products. They have a … Read more

Best Resin for Dice

Choosing the best resin for Dice and how to make good dice using epoxy resin

Do you love playing board games with your close ones? But when you take the board game out, you see the dice are lost. This probably turns down your mood. So, what you can do is create your own dice using resin. This will allow you to give your simple dice a pleasant, sparkly, and … Read more

Best UV Resin For Tumblers

Here Are The BEST UV Resins For TUMBLERS - DIY Craft Club

Are you wondering how to give your every-day use tumblers a new and attractive look? Do you get awed by the different designs available and wish your tumblers could look the same? With the help of UV Resins, you can do this and a lot more! UV Resins are extremely versatile products that are eye-catching … Read more

Best UV Resin for Badge Reels

Best UV Resin for Badge Reels and how to make badge reels

Do you have to carry with you an ID at all times in your school, institute, or workspace? Have you connected your ID with a badge reel for easy pull-out? Do you want to upgrade your badge reel with a funky UV resin makeover? Probably, this will add some amount of flair to the monotonous … Read more

Best Epoxy Resin for Flowers

Best epoxy resin for preserving flowers and guide on how to preserve flowers in epoxy resin

Are you thinking about which is the best epoxy resin for flowers? Here are a few things that will help you to determine it. Epoxy resins are used for making many things. They are in high demand in the manufacturing industry. Hence, they are affordable and also easily available. They can be found in any … Read more

Best UV Resin for Fly Tying

The best UV resin for Fly Tying and how to make resin fly tying

Whether you are an expert or new to fly fishing, you should know that a fly tying designed by UV resin is the best and well-handy material to carry in your fish kit. For those of you who are new, fly fishing is simply an angling method in which a light-weight lure called an artificial … Read more